What Is The Relationship Between Obesity And Diabetes?

When it comes to type 2 diabetes many believe there is a relationship between obesity and diabetes.

But is there?

Well to explain this, let’s first take a look at our gathering-hunting ancestors from thousands of years ago. Did they have problems with obesity and diabetes to the degree that we do today?

They either gathered or hunted, which kept them physically active. And they would usually burn off what they consumed. They didn’t have processed foods back in those days. Nor did they have remote control televisions and cozy sofas.

Now let’s take it to modern science…

There are in fact studies and clinical literature that looks at this. And several studies point to a genetic link to all of this. These studies show that there is a genetic factor or mutation for people who are obese and have diabetes.

These genes are said to affect how a person uses sugar in the bloodstream and how insulin works to counteract that blood sugar.

These studies also state on the other hand though, that if you do inherit this gene you are NOT guaranteed to have diabetes. NOR are you guaranteed to be obese.

And the studies concluded that even if you inherited the gene, obesity and diabetes can be prevented.

You have some type 2 diabetics who are skinny. In fact there are many Asians or Pacific Islanders who are skinny but have type 2 diabetes.

Why you might ask?

Well for one, they usually have a higher than normal amount of visceral fat. That’s fat around their organs.

What about sumo wrestlers?

They are considered to be obese by most standards. But that doesn’t mean that they are type 2 diabetic. And many of them aren’t.

So to answer the question, I will just say this…

Nothing is true all the time. And while some people may be obese and diabetic, others may not. And some people who are skinny do develop type 2 diabetes.

In the end, it all comes down to the individual.

And I think it is far better to stack the cards in your favor. That means improving your lifestyle. Clean up your diet. If you aren’t physically active, now is the time to change that.

Just do the things that will lead to longevity and a healthier life. And make this a lifelong goal.

Prior to using this material, please consult with your physician.

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