Hi, I’m Don Darby and thank you for stopping by my website. I created this site back in 2011 for people with Type 2 diabetes who are out there searching for safe, natural solutions that will create a lasting change in their overall health… without having to rely on drugs for the rest of their life.

I want this site to become the best diabetes resource online… chock-full of up-to-date, cutting edge information on the diabetes disease state, natural treatments, and proven techniques and research for controlling and ultimately conquering type 2 diabetes.

I have over a decade of insider knowledge about the diabetes disease state and treatments. And my goal is to help you live drug-free, live healthier, and live longer!

To tell you a little more about me, I’ve worked in a major pharmaceutical company since 2003. And sadly, I have to remain anonymous on this website just to protect my job and contacts in the industry.

So why am I willing to take the risk to let you in on the real secrets behind diabetes and controlling your blood sugar for life without drugs?

First of all, I’ve lost 3 of my grandparents to type 2 diabetes related complications (both my grandparents on my father’s side, and my grandfather on my mother’s side of the family).

My grandparents made it sound like type 2 diabetes was something you just got when you got older. Almost, like it was normal.

And I have 3 aunts who are also experiencing type 2 diabetes. As you can see, this hits home with me!

I’ve always considered myself to be a decently healthy guy. But once I started working in the pharmaceutical industry, I discovered a few secrets. And a lot of the things that I was doing in the name of health were setting me up for failure.

If I kept doing what everyone else recommends, I’d have diabetes also…just like my family. This isn’t just a website to me. It’s a mission.

Throughout my career I’ve dug into all the clinical research and data about type 2 diabetes and the commonly used drugs. During this time period, I learned there are simple natural strategies which control and literally reverse the effects it has on your body.

So I continued to work and learn… and learn some more. Over the past few years here’s a list of the things that I have done:

  • I’ve worked with over 500 physicians who treat diabetes including: Endocrinologists, Family Practitioners, Internists, Nephrologists, Cardiologists, Podiatrists, and Pediatricians.
  • Promoted oral diabetes drugs and insulin to health-care professionals .
    Launched and sold 6 blockbuster drugs for diabetes (A blockbuster drug is a drug that does over $1 Billion in sales).
  • Worked closely with other Healthcare professionals such as: registered nurses, nurse practitioners, CDE’s (certified diabetes educators), registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, pharmacists, and physician assistants.
  • Worked in 2 major medical teaching institutions and taught 200 plus residents (those in postgraduate medical training) on the diabetes disease state and pharmacology.
  • Worked closely with medical practitioners in clinics, private practices and 4 major hospitals.
  • Conducted Diabetes Health Fairs where I educated people on diabetes and did screenings.

I’m not telling you all of this to brag. Instead I simply want you to see that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to diabetes. My family has gone through it. I see doctors treating it every day. And I’ve even been called in to teach about the disease to the up and coming doctors of tomorrow.

And now I’m sharing my knowledge here with you… where my focus will be to provide unbiased, evidence based resources for improving your diabetes and health knowledge through different mediums such as – articles, videos, guest contributors and even user generated content from our readers.

So stop by often for the latest tips, news, and information on how to improve or even reverse diabetes simply by making healthy changes to your lifestyle.