How To Lower Blood Sugar & Get Good Blood Sugar Forever

how to lower blood sugarI get asked all the time, how to lower blood sugar. And my answer is usually around 3 key ways.

But before I get to that, let me first say that with type 2 diabetes, you have to understand why your blood sugar goes high in the first place.

If your blood sugar is high, there is something going wrong inside your body. So to lower it, you’ll have to do things a little bit differently. And in no time you’ll be able to lower it.

How To Lower Blood Sugar Explained

Of the hundreds of doctors that I have worked with, some common questions that they tell me that they ask their patients when they test your blood sugar and it’s high is – Are you taking your medications? What are you eating? And are you exercising?

And in fact, ALL drugs use this common language or verbiage: “adjunct to diet and exercise.” Just look in the package insert with any oral type 2 diabetes medications and you’ll see something to this effect.

So the first thing you need to do to lower blood sugar is start eating right and exercise. And I know it’s hard because we are creatures of habit. But this stuff isn’t rocket science.

The only reason why doctors write drugs in most cases is because people don’t want to diet and exercise and “clean up” their lifestyle. So the first and perhaps the best way to lower blood sugar is to change your eating habits and exercise.

The second way to lower your blood sugar is medication. And most people are on medicines for type 2 diabetes. And medications are very effective at lowering your blood sugar.

But they have many side effects. Many times when you try to take a medication to fix things that your lifestyle caused, you cause problems and make things worse.

When it comes to medication or drugs, probably the best form is insulin. And most people see insulin as the end of the road. But it’s not so. If used properly, it can be very effective.

But there are natural ways that you can lower your blood sugar though. If and only if, you’re willing to do what it takes.

The last way I want to point out is monitoring your blood sugar. And mainly around meals. This is the most important time.

And if you want to lower your blood sugar and keep it low, you need to watch your “after meal blood sugar levels” or postprandial (medical term) blood sugar levels like a hawk. This will tell you some of the most important information that you need to know about your blood sugar levels.

In fact there are studies out there that show that about 70% of blood sugar level rises happen around meals. Did you read that? 70%! So if you want to lower your blood sugar I just gave you the #1 place to start.

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