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The Truth About Diabetes and Weight Loss

Controlling type 2 diabetes and weight loss go hand-in-hand. The bottom line is, if you have diabetes and you are overweight – this can make it harder for you to control your blood sugar.

And the 2 most effective most simplest ways to lose weight are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Reduce the amount of calories you eat

But to take it one step further your lifestyle is very important. There are endless stories of people who have lost a large amount of weight and gotten their blood sugar under control. Only to gain it all back again.

Diabetes And Weight Loss Explained

Did you know that if you were to go out and lose only 5-10% of your body weight that would result in better blood sugar control.
Think about that.

For someone who weighs over 200lbs, just losing 10 pounds can do wonders.

And the good thing is blood sugar control will improve almost overnight in the first 2 weeks of working on losing the weight.

Only 2 weeks…

We’re not talking 52 weeks. Although that would just multiply the effects and create momentum. All it takes are baby steps.
So here’s what I recommend you go out and do. Simply work to try and get in about 150 minutes per week or more so that you can burn 100-200 calories daily.

Sound fair?

In a perfect world you want to try to lose anywhere from a half a pound to a pound every week. Do this and you’re well on your way.

A lot of the so called diet experts recommend fancy training equipment. And meal replacements and so on and so forth.

The only thing with this is it can sometimes make it hard to keep up with this over time. It may start to get too hard to do long-term. And we make this what I mentioned before…

A lifestyle.

Most of the popular diet plans that I see out there all try to get you to reduce your daily caloric intake by 200-500 calories per day. For a person who is obese or overweight with type 2 diabetes this may be hard to do.

And it doesn’t guarantee blood sugar control.

Another common approach is to modify the amount of carbohydrates eat. I like this approach because it helps to control those blood sugar spikes that happen when you eat carbs.

The idea here is that you spread out your carbohydrates over a few meals with snacks.

And you eat 3 smaller meals with smaller portions.

The one thing I will say is all of the doctors that I work with say that they encourage their patients to lose weight. Even losing 5 pounds is a big deal. And it beats the alternative – gaining another 5 pounds.

Prior to using this information, please consult with your physician.

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